Crowdfunding Goal Reached: OpenEMR Update CMS 1500

OpenEMR crowdfunding meter

We’re pleased to announce another successful crowdfunding effort for the OpenEMR project. This project was put forward and will be built by OpenEMR board member Kevin Yeh. A key part of reaching the funding goal was reaching out to users on the OpenEMR forums. As has been the case with every open source feature that’s reached it’s crowdfunding goal on Catincan, making the effort to let users know about the crowdfunding effort is necessary.

The feature is necessary due to changes in the layout of the CMS 1500 Paper Claims form which adds 8 more fields for listing diagnoses for justification. Because OpenEMR needs to be updated to support this new format all users are going to benefit from the contribution of the 7 backers and Kevin’s work.