Crowdfunding Goal Reached: Typo3 Flow

Typo3 Flow Crowdfunding

Congratulations to Typo3 Flow users and Karsten Dambekalns who reached the goal of $1,200 to improve profiling tools for the project. It’s always a great thing when an open source project gets support from its users, making it easier for a busy developer to spend time improving the project. But how was the goal reached?

When a developer’s crowdfunding campaign is approved and goes live on Catincan we look at the project, its website, which issue tracker the project uses, etc. to come up with ideas for how to reach its users. Now, if you’ve researched how to successfully crowdfund a project you’ve likely come across all sorts of advice. After reading for a bit you might be left thinking about how you’ll produce the perfect video. Or, maybe you’ll spend hours brainstorming to try and come up with that genius viral campaign idea. Reading stories like that can provide inspiration. But, they can also distract from “blocking and tackling” – that is, taking care of the fundamentals.

Following up on the success we wanted to make sure we understood exactly how Karsten reached the crowdfunding goal. In the end, it wasn’t a fancy video that he spent valuable time on or a trick to make the campaign spread throughout the project’s community. Instead, it was the fundamentals. He referenced the crowdfunding campaign in a blog post, mentioned it during a conference talk on the project, tweeted, posted on Google+ and posted a message on Linkedin.

If you’ve posted a project, you’ve heard this from us before: users interact with projects in different ways. One user might follow the issue tracker closely while another checks the project blog for updates, while another might do neither and only follow the project’s social media accounts. That’s why it’s critical to reach out to users in a variety of ways.

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