Catincan Gift to Gittip Users

Catincan and Gittip logos

In keeping with of our goal of promoting open source software, we’re happy to announce that we’re giving a Catincan voucher to Gittip users to back open source projects. The voucher will be equal to their weekly Gittip gift. For example, if you give $20 per week on Gittip you’ll receive a $20 voucher to back an open source project on Catincan. Claim voucher.

We had other ideas for how to collaborate with Gittip and its users. But our focus was on providing a direct benefit to open source developers. When we thought about it in that context, giving users funds to support projects was the clear winner.

For us, this also made sense because of the very different models of Gittip and Catincan. Gittip is about support people. It allows you to support a specific person for their current or past work with no strings attached. Gittip’s new theme of “Distributed Genius Grants” fits great with what they are doing as they add new communities outside of open source software.

On the other hand, Catincan is focused on improving open source projects. We feel the best way to do this is to give users an incentive to back projects. In our model the project developer is rewarded for their time while users get a better product by backing a specific feature. Granted, in the early going many open source crowdfunding efforts will not match a developer’s hourly rate. But, closing the gap is important and we have to start somewhere. Already we’ve had multiple developers raise over $1,000 for their projects. In the end, we want open source software to be the default choice over closed enterprise solutions.

Of course, for this promotion there are some caveats. The data we’re using is from earlier this month, the voucher can’t be divided into more than one pledge, linking your Github account is required to confirm identity and if we weren’t able to confirm your weekly giving amount we can’t issue a voucher. Here’s all the terms.

Last, we want to be clear that Gittip did not participate in planning this promotion. We sent Chad an email asking if he’d be interested but we had concerns about planning such an offer in public. He was enthusiastic about the offer to Gittip users and wished us well but explained that he couldn’t participate in planning anything in private. He did offer to work with us to improve Gittip’s API so the process would be easier. We’re hoping we can host the crowdfunding effort for this issue and we certainly back the feature as well.