Now Processing Bitcoin Payouts

A good portion of the tech community has come down with Bitcoin Fever. Almost everyday there is a new headline related to the digital currency on Hacker News.

From the start, one of our goals has been to make Catincan work for developers across the world. The Open Source community is not restricted to the U.S. and therefor, we can’t wait for U.S. based payment processors to play catchup. At the same time, we’ve heard some developers are concerned about using wire transfers and PayPal to receive funds if their goal is met. Therefor, going forward we will now process payouts in bitcoins if requested by a project’s developer.

For example, if a funding goal of $1,000 is reached and the developer has requested a payout in bitcoins, we will purchase $1,000 worth of bitcoins the day the funding goal is met. From there, we’ll transfer the bitcoins to the specified exchange account.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. We’re glad we could add this payout method for those that have requested it.

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