What is Free Software?

Free software does not mean you pay nothing for it. It means that the users can control the software and are able to modify it so that it serves their purposes. With proprietary software you’re at the mercy of a master. Increasingly, it seems the masters are bent on extracting a tax from both developers and users. Like payment card processors that have a small tax on our economy, proprietary software platforms want to do the same thing to developers and users.

Open source projects that are self-sustaining are the answer to this problem. Developers and users have choices and those choices have long-term consequences. Whether you think free software is a moral imperative or simply for the pragmatic reason of producing better products, the goal of avoiding restrictions being placed upon you is the same.

Helping developers keep their software free and open and educating their users about why this is so important is our job. But we can’t do it alone. Join us to help.