Soft Beta Launch

Today we’re excited to flip the switch, take our landing page down and put our first beta of Catincan out into the world. We’ve contacted numerous developers that were kind enough to give us their insights. We’ve listened and plan to keep listening because we don’t have all the answers ourselves. Making open source software self-sustaining is a difficult problem.

As a token of our appreciation we’re offering a couple big incentives to developers who may not sure if they want to put a feature up for funding right away:

1. First 6 months is completely free.

2. First 25 open source projects that have a feature successfully funded will have Catincan fees waived for life.

For the first 6 months, this includes our payment gateway fees. It was something we debated but in the end, it was a fairly easy decision. We want to show our commitment and appreciation for those early adopters that join us, spread the word and help us squish any small bugs that still remain.

To learn more about who Catincan is for, what projects can put up features for funding just visit our FAQ. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas just send us a message at